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Volume 33, No 5, May 2023

ISSN: 1001-0602 
EISSN: 1748-7838  
2020 impact factor 25.617*  
(Clarivate Analytics, 2021)

About the cover

The artwork references history by depicting the concept of the Confucian “Doctrine of the Mean”. Tilting vessel, also known as yòu zuò zhī qì, is an ancient Chinese vessel that needs to be filled with an appropriate amount of water to maintain its upright position. Overfilling or underfilling the vessel can render it unstable. Likewise, CAR tonic signaling must be fine-tuned to ensure that it is neither too weak nor too robust, thereby optimizing CAR-T cell fitness. See page 341–354 by Jian Chen et al. for details.