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Volume 33 Issue 1, Jan 2023

The image tells a fable story, ‘dirty partner’. A wolf and a jackal often do evil things in collusion with each other. In KRAS-driven cancers, KRAS mutations are like wolves and RASON behaves like a jackal. KRAS mutations initiate tumour formation and promote tumour progression which are enhanced by RASON, a novel protein encoded by long non-coding RNA, LINC00673, and overexpressed in tumour to regulate RAS activity. Cover art is contributed by Chao Yan. See page 30–45 by Rongjie Cheng et al. for details.


RASON, a new player in cancer’s Premier League

Sara Mainardi, Rene Bernards
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Pituitary adenomas: new insights, new therapeutic targets

Nicholas A. Tritos
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Towards developing a variant-proof SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

Hua Peng, Yang-Xin Fu
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Proviral role of caspase-6 in coronavirus infections

Lok-Yin Roy Wong, Stanley Perlman
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A ‘warhorse-shaped’ topology adopted by the m6A RNA writer complex

Wei Xie, Dinshaw J. Patel
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A novel protein RASON encoded by a lncRNA controls oncogenic RAS signaling in KRAS mutant cancers

Rongjie Cheng, Fanying Li, Maolei Zhang, Xin Xia, Jianzhuang Wu, Xinya Gao, Huangkai Zhou, Zhi Zhang, Nunu Huang, Xuesong Yang, Yaliang Zhang, Shunli Shen, Tiebang Kang, Zexian Liu, Feizhe Xiao, Hongwei Yao, Jianbo Xu, Chao Yan, Nu Zhang
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Structural basis of signaling regulation of the human melanocortin-2 receptor by MRAP1

Ping Luo, Wenbo Feng, Shanshan Ma, Antao Dai, Kai Wu, Xianyue Chen, Qingning Yuan, Xiaoqing Cai, Dehua Yang, Ming-Wei Wang, H. Eric Xu, Yi Jiang
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A unique hyperdynamic dimer interface permits small molecule perturbation of the melanoma oncoprotein MITF for melanoma therapy
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RALF signaling pathway activates MLO calcium channels to maintain pollen tube integrity

Qifei Gao, Chao Wang, Yasheng Xi, Qiaolin Shao, Congcong Hou, Legong Li, Sheng Luan
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Deep learning-based rapid generation of broadly reactive antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 and its Omicron variant

Hantao Lou, Jianqing Zheng, Xiaohang (Leo) Fang, Zhu Liang, Meihan Zhang, Yu Chen, Chunmei Wang, Xuetao Cao
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scNanoATAC-seq: a long-read single-cell ATAC sequencing method to detect chromatin accessibility and genetic variants simultaneously within an individual cell

Yuqiong Hu, Zhenhuan Jiang, Kexuan Chen, Zhangxian Zhou, Xin Zhou, Yan Wang, Jingwei Yang, Bo Zhang, Lu Wen, Fuchou Tang
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